OneYearNotice is a blog that chronicles the journey from employee, to businesses owner and everything in-between. Over the course of one year, I will start and run three separate companies in hopes of quitting my 9-5 job. If that isn’t challenging enough I’ll be documenting the experience here for the world to see! At the end of one year, success or failure, I will publicly quit my job live!
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What happens when you build it.. and they still don’t come. What I’m learning about Marketing.


All too often entrepreneurs bask under the false impression that once they build and release their product, the battle is over. Whereas, it’s not until you do so that you realize that you’ve only covered 1% of the battle. Seeing something grow from an idea to a conception is a very gratifying feeling within itself. On the flip side, once you release the product into the world, you have to wait eagerly for users to galvanize around it as a form of external gratification for all your hard work. The temptation to incessantly check stats and metrics in hopes that you’ll see a sale or view, or like, or just some form of major interaction between the world and your baby remain unwavering. But ultimately the reality falls short of your expectations. In this post, I talk about my experience with releasing a product and then dealing with the self-imposed expectations that follow.

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Upgraded Life: How to not let 2016 just become 2015-S


[ What 2015 brought]

As I sit back and recap on the trials, tribulations, and wins I’ve personally experienced in 2015 a few notable things become apparent. These things aren’t the typical lessons one would expect from recapitulating the experiences undergone through a whole year. Assimilated, the lessons actually gave me a rather good idea of how to structure my 2016 calendar year. It also gave me the experience backed resources I needed to move forward in the second leg of my one year challenge. This blog post will explore a few of the key lessons I learned in 2015, and how they translate into meaningful, actionable plans for 2016 and beyond. Use these lessons as a catalyst for your own auspicious goal setting for 2016!

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Cro-Magnums, Natural Selection, and Dating in our Modern Era.

Lessons from 45,000 years ago

All throughout time, there has been scientific evidence proving that species will adapt to their immediate surroundings. I assume this is innately hardwired into our DNA for the sole purpose of survival. For instance, our Cro-Magnon ancestors had a very different, more primal set of physical attributes than modern day people. They primarily hunted big game animals for purposes of nourishment, so it made sense for them to have slightly taller and more robust physiques. Cro-Magnons also had slightly larger brains than present day humans. Now fast forward several thousand years to our present day sapien counterparts. Famine and destitution are no longer the norm for most civilizations. Food is now genetically modified and produced in copious amounts to provide sustained resources for the entire population. In response to a lesser need to hunt and kill our own food, modern day man is physically becoming smaller, largely in part to the theory of Natural Selection which is a species’ physiological response to adapting to a change in its environment (just my interpretation, I’m no scientist). Using the same concept in a parallel context, what effect does the decreasing need for face to face social interaction have on our minds?

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Balancing cost and quality: Podcasting for Under $300

Fast forward a few days after my post, “Overcoming Decision Fatigue, Naked and Afraid, and How I’ll Make Money – Part 1.” I was at the tail end of my research phase on what, and which equipment I’d need on my podcasting adventure. The perfectionist within me wanted the very best equipment on the market, but those delusions of grandeur were quickly quelled by price tags that rivaled my before tax take home pay for the month. One of the core reasons podcasting was so appealing as a business venture in the first place was the notion that a quality product could be produced with little to no initial funding. In the world of ever emerging technological advances, the gap is being narrowed between the amateur media creator and established big box companies. Continue reading


Letter to my Exes

‘We all have demons, the goal is just to find two that play well with each other.” -Anonymous Love

Dear Exes,

 In a person’s journey of self discovery it is always important to stop, and recollect on events of the past that ultimately make our future. Who we become is an existential byproduct of every decision we have ever made. From decisions as simple as “Should I wear a tie to this interview?” to much more deep-rooted inquest like “Am I really happy in my current situation?” If that wasn’t a daunting task in itself, we are constantly faced with the entanglement of other peoples’ own decisions and life choices. It’s never more prevalent than when applied to love. As I grow older, and hopefully wiser, I often like to recap my relationships to find the common denominator amongst them. It’s often quite intrinsic, escaping the realms of a mere “good” or “bad.” A much more personal, intimate inquiry, which is why I always had problems telling you. As with all conceivable realities, there is a parallel to any other thing one might compare. Even starting a business.

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You can’t win against Father Time, but you can lose with dignity: A novice guide to time management


It’s often thought that time is our most valuble commodity. The only natural resource that every individual born possesses.  People also have a weird notion that time is available in abundance. This is largely due to the value disconnect created because of our inability to actually see time. Similarities to this can be found in the psychology of casinos. People tend to carelessly spend their chips because they’ve aestheticly disconnected them from something of value in their mind (money).  This doesn’t change their value, only the perception of their value. Without a true representation of time depletion, we tend to negligently “spend” time doing things that arent advantageous to us. Wasting time would be the equivalent to blindly reaching your hand in your pocket, and handing strangers dollar bills. At some point, the bills will deplete leaving you with no money. In relation to life, this would be the same as dying. No more dollars, no more life. The one major benefit of time is that we control the value of a single unit. How you spend your time is entirely dependent on the choices you make. So, are you handing out single dollar bills or dispersing hundred notes? This post will dive into how my time is spent, and the things I do to try and maximize efficiency.

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Overcoming Decision Fatigue, Naked and Afraid, and How I’ll Make Money – Part 1

(Warning: Long post)

One Year Notice, and the notion that I would document my departure from my 9 to 5 was not an idea that came overnight. I have been mentally cultivating this journey for about a year and a half. It’s not until now that my brain, and my ambition have finally struck the same cord to put the machine in motion. It is commonly said that starting is the hardest part of anything you do. Just a few days into my quest, I can already confidently debunk that statement. Liars!

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Two lessons you can learn without losing $500.

At the impressionable age of thirteen, a time when I first discovered the copious amounts of porn and other adult things one could discover by simply leaving the “Kiddos” mode on the computer, I learned two very important lessons, of which, have had a butterfly effect on my life ever since. I am forever grateful to my parents for allowing me the luxury of a desktop computer in my room.  Armed with a 56k dial- up internet connection, speakers, and a floor that slightly creaked outside my door, I was able to get into a lot of mischief online without my parents interfering too much. It’s not that they didn’t care, it’s just I knew more about computers than them. So they couldn’t police me too well.

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So, Where Do I Begin? A: Tim Ferris, Yerba Mate, and being transparent…


As I write this I’m currently sitting in my office at the very place I am trying to escape. I’m sipping Yerba Mate (a beverage generally consumed in regions of South America made from the mate plant), which carries a plethora of health and wellness benefits. Things like promoting mental clarity, supporting cardiovascular health, pumping your body full of uncommonly consumed amino acids, and enhancing focus and free thinking. It has all the caffeinating super powers of coffee, but without the mid-day crash. I’m a strong advocate of this stuff as I can attest to all the positivity it has brought me since I began drinking it, but I digress.

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